John Novak

Arguably, you can't really write about yourself without sounding like a narcissist. So here we go, I'll try to keep this short and be relatively modest about it.

I'm a 36 year old photographer living in Brisbane, Australia with 15+ years of experience in various genres of photography1. I equally enjoy all aspects of the photographic process, such as scouting out locations, interacting with models, obsessing over lens sharpness at f1.8 the technical aspects of photography and post-processing images. Editing and colour grading digital images is at least as much fun for me as the actual shooting, but I always take great care not to hurt those innocent little pixels too much and keep the results natural looking.

I love shooting on location using just available light. Generally speaking, my method is rather intuitive; I prefer to just go with the flow and let the circumstances shape my initial vision, as embracing unpredictability oftentimes leads to great results (well, in addition to missed shots and blurry photographs).

Apart from taking (mostly) pretty pictures, I also write weird electronic music and like to code (the source code of this whole website can be found here).

Drop me a line for friendship or business at

  1. As it is readily evident from looking at this gallery, I also suffer from a rare condition called Mannequinophilia, which has fortunately been greatly alleviated by the large number of model shots I have completed just recently that feature some actual humans...